The Kimberley You Haven’t Seen

The Kimberley You Haven’t Seen – Southbound

11 Days / 10 Nights

Wyndham/Darwin to Broome

From AU$18,495pp

The Kimberley & Australia’s Far North

The Kimberley You Haven’t Seen

Access exclusive locations, only available aboard PASPALEY PEARL

7 APRIL^ | 4 MAY | 7 JUNE | 4 & 31 JULY | 20 AUG 


Flexible Expedition Itinerary

Experience the freedom of a flexible expedition Itinerary, where the adventure unfolds in harmony with nature. Our itineraries adapt to tides and other environmental factors, ensuring an authentic exploration. Embrace the cultures, history and biodiversity of the remote areas we visit, guided by a team of expert guides who offer a dynamic and unforgettable journey tailored to the whims of the elements.

It is the diversity and pristine nature of the destinations that make a Kimberley coastal expedition a truly memorable experience. From Ancient Landscapes, ancient cultures and ancient reptiles to spectacular scenery, unique tidal phenomena and amazing wildlife, a Kimberley coast expedition has something for even the most ardent traveller.

Expedition Highlights:

  • Experience an exclusive visit to a working Paspaley Pearl Farm.
  • Discover the aboriginal rock art heritage of the Kimberley, the greatest collection of outdoor galleries in the world.
  • Explore the Hunter-Roe river system, lined with ancient rainforest pockets, pristine mangroves and mosaic sandstone cliffs. They are amongst the most pristine mangrove forests in the world, supporting a rich and diverse fauna.
  • View the unique tidal phenomenon of the ‘Horizontal Falls’ in Talbot Bay.
  • View Western Australia’s highest waterfall on the King George River.
  • Experience the wonder of the power of the tides at Montgomery Reef, the world’s largest inshore reef system.
  • From July to September witness the largest population of migrating humpback whales on the planet.
  • Explore the pristine 12,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 2,500 islands that comprise the Kimberley Coast.
  • The Kimberley is a national biodiversity hotspot, listed in the top 3.7% of least impacted marine environments worldwide.
^Departs from Darwin

Cabin Options | Suites & Staterooms

Pearl Suite | 27m2 inc balcony

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Horizon Suite | 20m2 inc balcony

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Ocean Stateroom | 18m2

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Ocean Twin Stateroom | 16m2

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Your Itinerary | The Kimberley You Haven’t Seen



Embarkation | Wyndham. Western Australia.

Wyndham is the northernmost town in Western Australia and in many ways is the gateway to the Kimberley. It is surrounded by some of the most spectacular landforms, rivers & wetlands in the Kimberley. Approximately 100 kilometers south is the town of Kununurra, established in 1961 to service the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. Located in the Heart of Miriwoong country the name Kununurra is based on the Miriwoong word “Goonoonoorrang”, which simply means big water.

NOTE: Departure of 7 April 2025 will depart from Darwin




North Kimberley Coast

Renowned for its remarkable gorges and waterfalls that have carved their way into the sandstone escarpment over the past 20 million years the North Kimberley coast boasts scenery on an epic proportion. The weathering of the ancient sandstones has created a spectacular colour palette that contrasts with the azure waters of the Timor Sea to create picture perfect vistas. The red and orange hues in the sandstones vary with the light throughout the day creating a continual changing wallpaper of passing scenery that is simply stunning. The region hides some remarkable survival stories and tales of epic treks across vast swathes of harsh country. Despite its seemingly inhospitable nature the Wunambal Gaambera and Balanggarra peoples have been occupying the region for thousands of years and their traditions are given form in the rock art that makes up the greatest collection of outdoor galleries in the world.

The region is best known for the iconic destinations of King George Falls (Oomari), Vansittart Bay (Banjal) and Jar Island (Ngula).

With PASPALEY PEARL, we also have access to destinations inaccessible to larger vessels including Cape Voltaire, Freshwater Bay, Drysdale River, Glycosmis Bay and Falls, Cape Bernier, Seaplane Bay, Berkeley River, and Casuarina Falls.



Bonaparte Archipelago & Kuri Bay Pearling Experience

The Bonaparte Archipelago is a maze of islands and islets stretching 150 kilometres offshore from Collier Bay to the Admiralty Gulf known for its rich collection of Rock Art galleries. These remarkable artworks, created by First Nations Peoples, provide an insight into the oldest continuing culture on earth. The mainland is home to some of the most scenic parts of the Kimberley coast. Prince Frederick Harbour and the Roe-Hunter River System are lined with ancient rainforest pockets, pristine mangroves, and mosaic sandstone cliffs. The adjacent Prince Regent National Park is one of Australia’s most important conservation sites, regarded for its ‘outstanding scenic grandeur’ and containing half of the known bird and animal species in the Kimberley.

Located 370km north of Broome and 460km west of Kununurra, Kuri Bay lies at the heart of the Lalang – Garram/Camden Sound Marine Park. It was the location of Australia’s first cultured pearl farm and is named after the company’s first principal, Tokuichi Kuribayashi. Today the clear pristine waters are the home of Paspaley, the world’s most important producer of cultured pearls. Such is the superior and widely recognised quality of the gems they are in their own category and recognised simply as ‘Paspaley Pearls’.

Guests will experience a behind the scenes guided walking tour of the Paspaley facilities and discover the intricate processes required to produce the most beautiful pearls in the world.




Collier Bay and Camden Sound

Located in one of the remotest regions of Australia, with no road access and the nearest town over 250 kilometres away, the stunningly rugged Collier Bay and Camden Sound are home to the second largest tides in the world. This ebb and flow of the tide has shaped the ancient landscape into a breathtaking vista and created unique tidal phenomena such as Horizontal Falls (Garaanngaddim). The region is of cultural significance to the Dambeemangarddee, a saltwater people who have been living along the coast for many thousands of years. (Their culture and connection to the environment has evolved with an inherent association to these tidal movements). The rich marine environment is also home to the world’s largest inshore reef system, Montgomery Reef (Yowjab) and each year the world’s largest population of migrating humpback whales visit the region.

The region is best known for the iconic destinations of Horizontal Falls (Garaanngaddim), Montgomery Reef (Yowjab), Raft Point (Ngumbree) and Freshwater Cove (Wijingarra Bard Bard).

With PASPALEY PEARL, we also have access to destinations inaccessible to larger vessels including Sampson Inlet, Hall Point, Red Cone Creek, Sapphire Falls, Ruby Falls, Sale River, Walcott Inlet, Prior Point and Langgi.



Buccaneer Archipelago

Extending from the Dampier Peninsula to the Southern edge of Collier Bay the 800 islands of the Dampier archipelago and adjacent mainland offer a veritable playground of unique experiences, ideal for exploration by boutique expedition motor yacht. Named after the English buccaneer and privateer William Dampier, the archipelago is regarded as one of the most spectacular island groups in Australia. There are islands listed as Important Bird Areas by Birdlife International, whilst others are home to Western Australia’s largest population of breeding Green Sea turtles. The pristine coastline contains secluded white sandy beaches, mangrove estuaries and spectacular tortured landscapes providing a geological insight into the formation of this remarkable land.

The region is best known for the iconic destinations of The Lacepede Islands, Yampi Sound, Adele Island and Cape Leveque. 

With PASPALEY PEARL, we also have access to destinations inaccessible to larger vessels including Hidden Island, Whirlpool Pass, Sunday Island, Strickland Bay, Tallon Island, Hell’s gate, Edeline and Cascade Bay.



Disembarkation | Broome. Western Australia

Often referred to as the pearl of North West Australia, Broome is Western Australia’s coastal gateway to the magnificent wilderness region of the Kimberley. It’s also home to the world-famous white sands of Cable Beach, making it one of the State’s most popular holiday destinations. Situated 2,240 km (1,390 mi) north of Perth with a permanent population estimated at 14,436, growing to over 45,000 per month during the tourist season.

PASPALEY PEARL will be alongside the wharf in Broome.

Pre & Post Voyage Packages | Experience more in the Kimberley

Starting from $3,795

Speak to our Yacht Concierge for more information.

Broome Stay

Enjoy lunch, guided tour and a private sunset welcome dinner on Cable Beach.

Bungle Bungles (Purnululu)

Includes private charter flights, accommodation at Savannah Lodge and guided walks.

El Questro

Discover El Questro Wilderness Park on escorted tours including private charter flights.

Ord River Experience

Cruise the spectacular Ord River and relax over a riverside lunch.